Land Surveying Companies Plainfield IL

Land Surveying Companies Plainfield IL

Get the Most Out of Land Surveying Companies Plainfield IL Offers

What’s the essential step in land development? If you ask any engineer, architect or contractor, they’ll all give you the same answer: land surveying. So, if it’s the most important step, you only want the best land surveying companies Plainfield IL offers to handle the job, right? Thankfully, you get the best when you hire Austin Engineering.

With over eight decades in business, Austin Engineering is the most experienced engineering company around. Our engineers have been handling jobs in Plainfield, Joliet and across Illinois for years. Additionally, we’ve provided our services in other states like Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin and Florida. Companies come to us when they need the most accurate and thorough land surveys.

How Can Land Surveying Benefit You?

As land surveying is the first step to any land development, it sets the goals of construction going forward. No matter the size of the project, land surveying can determine its total worth.

  • Determine the Value of Land
    • A land surveyor can assess the value in the land you wish to purchase/develop. Land surveys discover natural resources, geographic features, the risk of flooding, man-made features and more, giving you an idea of what you’re buying.
  • Settle Boundary Disputes
    • If there’s a disagreement with your neighbors as to whose land is whose, a land survey can resolve it. Using advanced GPS technology coupled with aerial shots, a survey engineer can determine the exact boundaries of a property and put an end to your dispute.
  • Provide Initial Measurements
    • You should only be ready to begin construction after a land survey has been conducted. Engineers use precision instruments to determine the most accurate measurements for your land possible. So then, these measurements can be the standard your project abides by.
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The Land Surveys We Provide

As one of the top land surveying companies Plainfield IL relies on, Austin Engineering provides several different land surveys. For example, contractors and development projects depend on our expertise of:

  • Arial Control Surveys
  • Tract Surveys
  • Easement & Right of Way Surveys
  • Property Boundary Surveys
  • Subdivision Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys
  • GPS Surveys
  • Rural Farm Surveys
  • ALTA/NSPS Surveys
  • And More

Contact Us

For a precision survey with the most accurate results, don’t bother with other land surveying companies Plainfield IL has. You can always count on Austin Engineering to get the job done right. Additionally, we can assist you with land development and landscape design. Call us today at (815) 534-1658. Also, we are located at 311 SW Water Street, Suite 215, Peoria, IL 61602.