A man performing a survey of a lot to determine its boundaries
Land Surveying

Austin Engineering supplies expert land surveying for property owners throughout Illinois and the surrounding areas, whether for residential or commercial lots. Understanding a piece of land’s capabilities, restrictions, and boundaries is essential for future construction and development. As such, Austin Engineering surveyors work alongside our land development team to collect essential data and measurements that guide our other civil engineering services.

With two full-time survey crews on staff, Austin Engineering is well-equipped to manage a range of crucial survey services, including property boundary surveys, surveys for site planning, topographic surveys, elevation certificates and more. Our land surveyors combine traditional survey methods with advanced technology to deliver accurate and efficient results, ensuring high precision and reliability. When looking for exceptional land surveying that tells the “complete story” of your land, property owners count on Austin Engineering.

Our Services:

Land Surveying
Property Boundary Surveys

Property boundary surveys provide a comprehensive outline of the extent of a property. We identify a property’s corners’ precise location and physical dimensions while uncovering any neighboring property encroachments. A boundary survey also includes structures and improvements, easements, and any restrictions indicated in the property’s title documents.

  • Easement & Right of Way Surveys
  • Tract Surveys
  • Lot Surveys
  • Rural Farm Surveys
Land Surveying
Site-Planning and ALTA Surveys

Site-planning surveys are vital in pre-construction planning. They provide detailed information about the terrain and topography of a proposed development site. These surveys identify critical land features and constraints, including existing structures, natural elements, utilities, and access points. An accurate ALTA or site-plan survey is a prerequisite for starting any construction project.

  • ALTA/NSPS Surveys
  • Subdivision Surveys
  • Condominium Plats
  • Duplex Splits
  • Construction Staking
Land Surveying
Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys provide detailed insight into land’s physical and natural features, including contours, elevations, structures, and vegetation. They show variations in elevation, helping developers understand the terrain’s impact on their project. This survey is vital for determining land use, guiding landscape architects in design, and planning drainage and infrastructure.

  • GPS Surveys
  • Aerial Control Surveys
Land Surveying
Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates and surveys are crucial for accurate flood insurance ratings and to support a request for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or Letter of Map Revision based on fill (LOMR-F). Our surveys provide essential data about a building’s elevation, which aids in assessing its flood risk, ensuring appropriate insurance coverage and compliance with local building codes.

  • L.O.M.A. & Related F.E.M.A. Reports
Land Surveying Portfolio
  • 401 Water Street Condominium
  • Heartland College Const. Staking
  • Greater Peoria International Airport Construction Staking
  • Becker Building ALTA
  • Peoria Civic Center Const. Staking
  • Dunlap Middle School Const. Staking
  • 601 Water Street ALTA
  • 500 Acre Land Survey, Henry, IL
  • OSF Milestone Project Const. Staking
  • Old Chicago Elevation Certificate
  • Holiday Inn City Center ALTA
  • Bloomington Post Office Topo Survey
  • Peoria Disposal Company Air Space
  • Prairie Lakes Apartments
  • Union Pacific Railroad R.O.W.
  • CRA-CAT HH-FF Well Survey
  • Galena Gravel Stockpile Quantities
  • Havana Bridge Construction Staking
  • Illinois River Island Ecosystem Restoration
  • 400 Acre Survey, Galena Gravel
  • Peoria Urological Condominium
  • 96 Acre ALTA Survey, Kankakee County
  • The Central Building, Commercial Condominium
  • Twin Towers Condominium
  • Glen Oak Birth-8th Grade Learning Center Construction Staking
  • Becker Building Construction Staking

Accurate Land Surveying from Experienced Surveyors

Discover everything there is to know about your residential or commercial property and prepare for crucial site planning and design with land survey services from Austin Engineering. If you want to learn more or are interested in our civil engineering and landscape architecture services, call Austin Engineering today at