Property Surveyor Springfield IL

Property Surveyor Springfield IL

Inspect Your Land with Help from a Property Surveyor for Springfield IL

Property surveys are used for more than construction purposes. For example, if attempting to secure a loan when purchasing real estate, a lender might require a survey. The same goes when applying for insurance on a piece of property. Whether looking to pursue construction or investing in local real estate, you need the assistance of a property surveyor for Springfield IL. Thankfully, Austin Engineering has the survey experience you need to get started!

What Surveys Help Resolve

If looking to uncover potential issues with your land, a property survey is your best option. Depending on the type of survey you seek, Austin Engineering can help you establish your property’s boundaries, identify land features, find existing improvements, etc.

  • Property Boundaries – If you and a neighbor find yourself disputing over where your property boundaries lie, you should order a survey. Our team will uncover the legal limits of your land, thus settling potential disputes over property boundaries.
  • Natural Land Features – When purchasing a large piece of land, it can be challenging to understand the topography, geography, and natural features your property might possess. A land survey can report property features such as rivers, creeks, lakes, flood plains, plant growth, and more.
  • Man-Made Improvements – Work might have been done to a property before your purchase. A property surveyor for Springfield IL will certify the existence of man-made improvements such as roadways, utility lines/connections, standing structures, etc.
  • Legal Matters – While resolving legal issues with your property will likely involve an attorney’s help, a property survey can discover if such issues exist. We can uncover potential easements, zoning classification, joint driveways/roadways, and other problems through a survey.
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Working with Austin Engineering

The detail and accuracy of your property survey are crucial to successful land development or real estate sales. Since 1937, Austin Engineering has provided our expertise for all types of property surveys. For our clients, we’ve provided surveys such as:

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