An outdoor commercial landscape designed by Austin Engineering's landscape architecture services
Landscape Architecture

As important as construction design and planning are, the landscape architecture surrounding your development is just as essential. From green streetscapes to community parks, Austin Engineering helps design and create breathtaking and environmentally friendly landscapes throughout the Midwest. Our landscape architecture designs enhance the aesthetic appeal of commercial, residential, and industrial spaces and promote sustainability and green innovations throughout the United States.

We keep our clients’ budgets in mind, ensuring our designs are always cost-effective and aimed at reducing energy consumption. By integrating our architectural vision with the natural surroundings of any landscape, we transform any space into an inviting and sustainable environment. When you choose Austin Engineering for your Landscape Architecture, you can always expect green, innovative designs that emphasize the beauty of nature and your property.

Our Services:

  • Cost-Effective Sustainable Site Planning – We deliver expertly planned site designs that align with your budget while prioritizing sustainability. Our green strategies aim to reduce energy consumption and promote a healthier environment. Additionally, we ensure your landscape architecture adheres to all local and federal environmental regulations.
  • Streetscapes/Urban Design – Our team designs urban landscapes that enhance the visual appeal of cities and communities. We seamlessly blend natural features and hardscapes, intertwining residential with commercial and industrial. Our designs incorporate plenty of options for walking or biking, lots of natural landscaping, central public areas, and more.
  • Stormwater Management – We include innovative stormwater management systems into our landscape designs to minimize water runoff and improve water quality, safeguarding both your property and the environment. Examples of the stormwater management systems we help design include green roofs, rain gardens, permeable pavement, detention ponds, etc.
  • Native Landscape Development and Restoration – We specialize in the development and restoration of native landscapes, cultivating biodiversity and enhancing the natural beauty of the area. Our designs are a testament to our commitment to preserving and promoting local flora and fauna.
  • Master Planning – Our experienced landscape architects offer comprehensive master planning services. We create strategic frameworks that guide future growth, incorporating environmental sustainability and your specific goals while respecting the land’s natural characteristics.
  • Color Renderings – At Austin Engineering, we use advanced technology to provide color renderings of our landscape architecture designs. This helps clients visualize proposed landscapes before they’re created, ensuring our designs align with expectations and create the desired aesthetic appeal.

Stunning Landscape Architecture from Design Experts

Incorporate modern designs into natural landscapes with help from Austin Engineering and our exceptional landscape architecture services. To learn more about landscape architecture or if you are interested in our civil engineering and land surveying services, call Austin Engineering today at 309-691-0224.