Landscape Architects Near You

Landscape Architects Near You

How to Find the Best Landscape Architects Near You

Austin Engineering can help if you need a few tips on how to find the best landscape architects near you in Peoria IL. The right landscape architects can create a plan for your entire residential or commercial outdoor space, including any necessary structural changes. Therefore, it is important to find qualified professionals with the experience it takes to perform quality planning. Use the following factors when shopping around for services from the best landscape architects near you.

  • Check for Specific Qualifications – Austin Engineering has played an integral role in the development of the Greater Peoria area since 1937. Read more about our qualifications here.
  • Choose Local Architects – Our landscape architects know the ecological conditions, plants, and terrain in the Peoria area. We know what solutions work best.
  • Look for Examples of Previous Projects – We are proud of recent work in Peoria. View some of our recent projects here.
  • Read Reviews from Other Clients – Austin Engineering often gets referral business from satisfied clients. We are proud to post customer reviews.

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What Do Landscape Architects Do?

Many people confuse the role of landscape designers and landscape architects. Landscape architecture involves the planning of entire parks and properties. It includes everything from walkways to plants to outdoor living areas. Meanwhile, landscape design focuses on only the plants and gardens involved in the property plan. Here are some of the roles handled by landscape architects:

  • Transforming your property into an ecological system of interworking parts, including plants and outdoor living spaces.
  • Total coordination of all planning and building activities of new landscape structures and features.
  • Creating comprehensive property plans for client approval and integrating plans into the design and building phases of the project.
  • Suggesting the proper building materials for each project.
  • Providing analysis of reports on energy efficiency, environmental impacts, and drainage.
  • Taking measure to protect your property from water damage.
  • Designing land grading and drainage plans.
  • Planning for new retaining walls.

Why Choose Austin Engineering?

Austin Engineering professionals have provided services that have developed land around the Greater Peoria area for nearly eight decades. The superior results we deliver and our reputation for success has allowed us to grow our operations across 15 states. We have extensive experience in landscape architecture and design. In fact, our projects have included senior living facilities, subdivision development, apartment complexes, sports venues, condominiums, recreational, and commercial property site development.

Landscape Architects Near You

Other Services Available

Austin Engineering can handle many land planning and development roles in addition to serving as top landscape architects near you. Consider us when you need any of the following:

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Austin Engineering professionals offer you a wealth of knowledge and experience when you are looking for landscape architects in Peoria IL. Make sure to request a proposal from our top-rated landscape architects when you need plans for your property. Contact us now to request a proposal for your project. Call us at 309-315-4861 for more information about us or our services.