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The Austin Engineering team prides itself on its ability to work together with our clients to produce cost effect designs that meet our client’s needs and desires. AECI has extensive experience in land design including subdivision development, senior living facilities, apartment complexes, condominiums, and commercial, property site development. We also specialize in stormwater control and management including detention/retention facility design and flood studies as well as hydraulic and hydrologic analysis. Our general experience includes numerous public…

Testimonials Austin Engineering has been wonderful to work with and is always reliable when needing to meet deadlines. The whole team works with you to keep projects (both big and small) on task. Communication with clients is a key factor they should pride themselves on.. since they never miss a beat. Thank you especially to Mike Cochran!

1. What States is Austin Engineering Licensed in?


We are Licensed Professional Civil Engineers in Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas & Wisconsin.  We are Licensed Professional Land Surveyors in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, and Florida.  We are Licensed Landscape Architects in Illinois, Iowa and Tennessee.

2. Are you open to recommendations during the planning process?


Absolutely, without a doubt, YES!  At AECI, none of our Engineers, Surveyors, and Planners work in a box without outside assistance.  We are working for you and we want to know your thoughts and opinions on the design choices and product selection for your project.  We may not always agree on the best option, but often the client has several choices that can be made regarding the quality of the end product.  Some people want nothing but the absolute best and highest quality project design components.  Think of all your choices for a vehicle to drive.  You have a specific set of needs and you could choose a Ferrari or a Chevy.  Both can get you from point A to B, the decision is how fast, at what expense, and in what style.  For many projects, the Chevy is the best choice and good is good enough.  The design does not always have to contain the greatest and most expensive product choice out there.    We work closely with you to make these decisions based on your specific situation and the factors that should be considered based on your needs for the end use of the development.

3. How can you help me control my project costs?


There are many ways that we can help you control your project costs.  The first step is to complete a thorough project feasibility analysis before we even begin to prepare any drawings or specifications.  Once we know your project is feasible for you, the next step we take to help control your project costs is to prepare a very detailed set of construction plans and specifications.  With these documents, we can solicit multiple bids from qualified contractors of your choosing.  Alternatively, if you already have a contractor in mind for your project, a great way to control project costs is to hire us to work with your contract in a “Design-Build” format where we both put our expertise to work for you to control your project costs.  Austin Engineering has worked with multiple contractors in a design-build format with great success.  Lastly, we can help control your costs by providing construction observation for your project.  Through these services, we make sure your project is completed in substantial conformance with our plans and specifications.  This helps ensure you receive a quality product and we help your contractor look for ways to save time so that your project is completed on schedule and within budget.