ALTA Surveys Springfield IL

ALTA Surveys Springfield IL

Why Do You Need ALTA Surveys in Springfield IL?

In the construction industry, land surveys are crucial at the start of every project. Ideally, contractors want to know the land they are building on, its limitations or boundaries, and how best to proceed with land development. Most commonly, builders opt to have an ALTA survey performed for a property. If ALTA surveys in Springfield IL are something you require for your next project, allow Austin Engineering to lend a hand.

What is an ALTA Survey?

The ALTA Survey, otherwise known as the American Land Title Association Survey, is the standard for most construction and land development surveys. The ALTA survey has you covered if you’re attempting to produce a complete land survey useful for due diligence and meeting lender and insurer requirements. As such, ALTA surveys in Springfield IL will address:

  • Property Boundaries
  • Land Improvements
  • Zoning Classifications
  • Topography
  • Roads
  • Property Features
  • Easements & Encumbrances
  • Legal Access to Property

Why are ATLA Surveys Important?

In the same way you would do your homework and study before a big test, an ATLA survey is similar. Before committing to a property purchase, an ATLA survey can give you a better picture of the land you wish to buy (doing your homework). Without an ATLA survey, you risk buying land that doesn’t fit your zoning preference, has easements, and other potential problems such as:

  • Property Existence Verification
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Acquisition of Missing Records
  • Survey Exceptions on a Title Commitment
  • Other Potential Losses and Claims
ALTA Surveys being done in Springfield IL

The Industry Standard

ATLA surveys in Springfield IL act as the industry standard for complete land development. In most scenarios, a project cannot proceed without an ATLA survey, as insurance companies and lenders require the survey before engaging in business. Thankfully, Austin Engineering possesses the surveyors and experience necessary to complete your ATLA survey quickly and accurately.

Austin Engineering has supported Illinois and communities throughout the Midwest with detailed surveys of all types since 1937. Additionally, we support our clients with expert land development, landscape design, and other civil engineering services. Our company can provide complete land development assistance throughout your commercial or residential construction project.

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