Commercial Surveys Springfield IL

Commercial Surveys Springfield IL

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Do not make a major land purchase before getting information you need from Austin Engineering commercial surveys in Springfield IL. A land survey can help you determine the type of land you are buying and provides you with other actionable information. If you are planning to modify or rebuild a commercial property, you should know about the land type. Not all land types offer suitable ground for building commercial structures.

In addition, land surveys provide you with other important information about the property. For instance, you can learn about boundary limitations as well as other assets within the property site. Consequently, you can gain detailed information about the area of the property as well as fences, buildings, trees, driveways, and sidewalks it contains. In addition, it can also inform you whether you share a parapet wall with a neighboring property. Also, surveys can help you identify whether a neighbor has encroached on the property.

Since 1937, our company has served local governments, businesses, and private property owners with land surveys, site planning, and landscape design. Contact us today to schedule a survey of commercial property.

Detailed Mapping Can Help You Plan Your Property

With our commercial surveys in Springfield IL, you will get a detailed map that displays exactly what the property offers you from a top-down view. Thus, you will know the location of every structure on the property. Plus, you will get an indication how close those structures sit near any boundary lines. As a result, you can identify if there are any easements involved that might change your plans for additions or improvements in the future. Austin Engineering services allow you to get a complete picture of the property without having to walk through and view the entire site yourself.

Understanding Land Rights and Responsibilities

You will know what you can and must do as an owner of the property you are considering buying with commercial surveys in Springfield IL. You will need to know whether the area sits on land zoned as a commercial property, a residential property, or both. If the property sits beside a body of water, you will want to know whether you have the right to build a dock or bulkhead. In addition, you will learn about any responsibilities you will have for power lines, lakes, and other property features that fall partially on the property.

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Avoid Legal Hassles

You can prevent future legal battles with neighbors by gaining a better understanding of boundaries. You can do just that with Austin Engineering commercial surveys in Springfield IL. A survey will provide you with the data you need to understand your property rights. In addition, the survey will identify property rights that you can buy from or sell to neighbors. Therefore, you can easily avoid disputes with neighbors. Plus, you learn where you can build or make improvements.

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