Drone Surveys Springfield IL

Drone Surveys Springfield IL

Top-Rated Company for Drone Surveys in Springfield IL

Austin Engineering provides five-star rated services from clients on our drone surveys in Springfield IL. We use drones to quickly capture data about your land from viewpoints not easily collected by typical surveys. Unlike standard surveys that require lengthy planning, preparation, and measurement, drone surveys collect and transmit data more efficiently. Consequently, our drone surveys deliver vital information for use on construction site planning, defining property boundaries, and design and maintenance of infrastructure.

With 80 years of experience, Austin Engineering has become a local leader for services like the following:

Contact us today to ask for a free quote on our drone surveys in Springfield IL. Our drone surveys are vital for construction site planning because they provide high resolution 3-dimensional modeling. So, they allow you to compare pre-plan models with real time work. As a result, you can correct any errors or discrepancies with the project to get construction back according to plans.

Save Time with Drone Surveys in Springfield IL

The traditional survey process requires surveyors to manually visit and map your property. Therefore, it can take quite a lot of time if you own a lot of acreage. However, you can save quite a bit of time with drone surveys in Springfield IL. You can quickly fly the drones over the property, gather data, and land the drone in mere minutes or hours. Plus, drones allow for automated data processing. Consequently, drones deliver maps and views of the land much quicker than human surveyors. In addition, drones can easily measure harsh terrain which may not be accessible to human surveyors.

Drones Can Offer Better Quality Visuals

A man piloting a drone for conducting Drone Surveys in Springfield IL

Drone cameras shoot at a much higher resolution than standard cameras. In fact, drone cameras offer from 5.2K to 8K resolution footage. So, the maps and visuals you receive provide more accurate detail than aerial or satellite footage. Also, drones can carry sensors such as RTKs, PPKs, LiDAR, thermal cameras, infrared cameras, and multi-spectral sensors, all of which offer more data than a standard camera. Furthermore, most drone mapping software can add Ground Control Points (GCPs). With those points of reference, you can get more accuracy for site planning. Contact us to find out more about our drone surveys in Springfield IL.

Drone Surveys May Offer Cost Savings

In many cases, you can cut down on your cost by using drone surveys in Springfield IL. For large properties, it would require several surveyors to take weeks to prepare, plan, and survey the whole area. However, drone surveys can deliver comparable data in only a few hours. As compared to aerial footage, you can greatly reduce your expenses by using a drone rather than a pilot flying a plane over the property. Also, drones can send information in real time, something you cannot get with aerial surveys.

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