Civil Engineers Peoria IL

Civil Engineers Peoria IL

The Guidance You Need from Civil Engineers in Peoria IL

No matter the project, whether big or small, is complete without the assistance of a civil engineer. Civil engineers provide the pre-construction analysis you need before acquiring land. Moreover, they help guide you throughout your entire building process and helping to prevent any mistakes or mishaps. And if it’s civil engineers in Peoria IL you’re looking for, you can count on the professionals at Austin Engineering. We have the skill and experience you need for your next project.

Austin Engineering has helped to develop residential and commercial space throughout Illinois and other states for the past 80 plus years. Furthermore, getting our start in Central Illinois, we played an integral role in the development of the Greater Peoria area. Our team, with a combined experience of over 75 years, can do everything from civil engineering to landscaping to surveying. We are the choice engineering firm when it comes to getting your construction projects done, safely, on time and budget.

Civil Engineering Throughout Construction

There’s no one best point where a civil engineer is necessary for your project. Truthfully, having a civil engineering firm guide you from start to finish is the best practice for any residential or commercial construction. At multiple points, a civil engineer can advise on the next best steps in your construction project.

  • Pre-Construction
    • Before you begin breaking ground on your new facility, a civil engineer can assist as to how to best begin construction. Even before purchasing property, we can survey your land to offer precise measurements for elevation, horizontal positioning, boundaries, zoning and more property features, so you know what property is best for your construction.
  • During Construction
    • Civil engineers help assist day-to-day construction efforts by supervising the site. This is done so to ensure all safety and health standards are met. Furthermore, a civil engineer can spot problems with construction or design before you make a mistake. Thus, you save time and money, progressing your project forward in the correct direction.
  • Post-Construction
    • While construction is still taking place, civil engineers ensure your building is up to code, and the correct preventative measures are in place. This means designing and installing sanitary drainage, controlling erosion and sediment, planning for natural disasters and more. The efforts of a civil engineer ensure your home or business stays in the best shape possible long after construction is complete.

All the Services of a Civil Engineer

Being civil engineers for Peoria IL is no small job. We offer a variety of different services available to both commercial and residential clients, so to best suit your needs. For example, some of the services we offer include:

  • Engineering Services
    • Land Development
    • Water System Design
    • Road Reconstruction Designs
    • Commercial Site Plans
  • Land Surveying
    • Topographic Surveys
    • Subdivision Surveys
    • ALTA Surveys
    • Property Boundary Surveys
  • Landscape Design
    • Private Estate Gardens
    • Streetscapes / Urban Design
    • Storm Water Management
    • Parks and Recreation
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For civil engineers in Peoria IL who are the best at what they do, look no further than the experts at Austin Engineering. You can call us today at 309-204-0694 to get a quote. Also, we are located at 311 SW Water St, Ste 215, Peoria, IL 61602.