Landscape Design Davenport IA

Landscape Design Davenport IA

Fresh Landscape Design Davenport IA Loves

There’s nothing more inviting than a beautiful yard with blooming flowers and trees. The appeal of nature is apparent and especially handy when developing the land in your city. When looking to create a gorgeous neighborhood through landscape design, Davenport IA relies on Austin Engineering.

At Austin Engineering, we’ve been designing breathtaking landscapes throughout Central Illinois for near eight decades. Whether it’s developing land for a local park or incorporating a green roof for a local business, Austin Engineering handles any landscaping project. We work with you to create beautiful spaces that are professionally designed and respect natural surroundings, all while staying within your budget.

The Benefits of a Green Environment

More than just looking pretty, the landscape of a house or business promotes general wellness and health. Austin Engineering’s team of professionals work to create a scene of green that helps you breathe easy, figuratively and literally.

  • Cleaner Air
    • The natural cycle of plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide in the air and break it down to its base components. In other words, trees and grass capture pollutants and turn them into oxygen. This helps to combat gas emissions and create cleaner air overall.
  • Reduced Noise
    • The city can be a loud place. However, with the addition of landscaping, you can drastically reduce noise pollution. By minimizing surfaces that sound bounces off (concrete, pavement, etc.), you can stop loud noises from spreading.
  • Improved Health
    • In certain studies conducted, green spaces have been found to reduce stress and improve quality of life. Not only physically, but emotionally, just viewing landscapes help both the employees and the customers that visit commercial properties.
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What Landscaping Can Austin Engineering Do?

When you want quality landscape design, Davenport IA can provide, with Austin Engineering. We offer a variety of unique landscaping services that help benefit businesses and streets around any city. In brief, some of what we do includes:

  • Master Planning (Commercial/Academic/Civic)
  • Color Renderings
  • Cost Effective Sustainable Site Planning
  • Healthcare/Assisted Living Facilities
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Streetscapes/Urban Design
  • Native Landscape Development and Restoration
  • Outdoor Healing Gardens
  • Rain Gardens
  • Private Estate Gardens
  • Storm Water Management Planting Design
  • Green Roofs

Find Out More

To learn about Austin Engineering’s other services, like land development and surveying, contact us today. Call Austin Engineering at 563-207-4605. Also, we are located at 220 Emerson Place Suite 305, Davenport, IA 52801.