Land Development Davenport IA

Land Development Davenport IA

Where can I find the best Land Development Services in Davenport IA?

At Austin Engineering, we work to provide you with expert civil engineering you can trust. Together with a cost-effective design and process fit to your needs, we help make your goals possible.

Austin Engineering’s professionals know land development in Davenport IA greatly, and are the most trained in our field. Furthermore, our team of engineers have over 100 combined years of experience, and our large portfolio includes land development projects throughout Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Florida.

What does Land Development entail?

When developing land in Davenport IA, Austin Engineering employs an array of services based on each individual project:

  • Find what can be done with a project
  • Survey any planned roads, grades, highways, etc.
  • Survey measurements of the land
  • Find the area of drainage
  • Design the street layout
  • Add or relocate utilities
  • Remove any existing improvements
  • Rezone if needed
  • Finish the final design & contracts
  • Inspect final construction
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What other Services does Austin Engineering provide?

In addition to land development and planning, Austin Engineering provides more services for the Davenport IA area.

Land Surveying

With land development, land surveying is an important step in the process, but a service we can offer separate. We’ve surveyed for jobs like bridges and condos, and can offer property boundary surveys, GPS surveys, lot surveys, rural farm surveys and more.


Additionally, our landscaping services help to create a beautiful, more green city for you to enjoy. The parks and gardens around a city, Austin Engineering helps to build. For example, we offer cost-effective sustainable site planning, urban design, green roofs and storm water management planting design.

Get in Touch

Land development in Davenport IA doesn’t have to be hard to find. With the expert service at Austin Engineering, the sky’s the limit to what you can achieve. Call Austin Engineering at 563-207-4038 or fill out our form online to receive a quote.