Drone Surveys Peoria IL

Drone Surveys Peoria IL

Recommended Local Company for Drone Surveys in Peoria IL

Austin Engineering services come highly recommended when you need to conduct drone surveys in Peoria IL. Drones allow us to rapidly acquire data about your property from vantage points not accessible to traditional surveying means. Unlike traditional surveys requiring meticulous preparation, planning, and measurement, drone surveys capture comparable data in a much shorter amount of time. As a result, we can provide you with information crucial to construction site planning, design and maintenance of infrastructure, and defining property boundaries.

For 80 years, Austin Engineering has served as trusted local experts for the following:

Contact us now to request a free quote for drone surveys in Peoria IL. If you are planning a construction project, our drone surveys can provide high resolution 3-dimensional modeling. Thus, you can overlay the models on pre-planned models to compare the results. That way, you can easily identify whether there are discrepancies between plans and real-time work on the construction site.

Save Money with Drone Surveys in Peoria IL

Often, you could spend more on traditional survey services compared to our drone surveys in Peoria IL. With drones, you can reduce the need for manned surveys. For properties with large acreage, it would take several surveyors weeks to perform all the necessary work. However, you can get comparable data from drones in a matter of hours. When compared to aerial surveys, you can save a significant amount of money using a drone compared to surveys done by a pilot flying overhead in a plane. Plus, drones can relay data in real time and aerial surveys from planes often cannot provide accurate real-time data.

Drones Can Offer Better Quality and Accuracy

Drone cameras can shoot from 5.2K to 8K resolution footage. This allows you to get more accurate detail on an image than a satellite or aerial image from an airplane. Drones also come with the ability to carry sensors like RTKs, PPKs, LiDAR, thermal cameras, infrared cameras, and multi-spectral sensors, all of which provide better data than standard camera footage. Also, most drone mapping software allows you to add Ground Control Points (GCPs). Those are points of reference which help to increase the accuracy of the data collected. Contact us to learn more information about drone surveys in Peoria IL.

Get Faster Results with Drone Surveys

As mentioned previously, drones can offer more efficient data collection and processing compared to traditional surveying means. You can quickly get the drones in the air, collect data, and land them in a matter of minutes to hours. In addition, drones feature automated data processing. A drone can provide mapping and views of land in a much shorter amount of time than human surveyors. Plus, drones can collect data from harsh terrain which human surveyors could not easily traverse. Therefore, you can save time in collecting data with our drone surveyors in Peoria IL.

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Austin Engineering can provide you with critical data about your property with our drone surveys in Peoria IL. Fill out our online form to request a free quote on our services. For more information, you also can all our office at 309-315-3643.