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Multi-Use Development Across the U.S.

For the past few decades, cities across the U.S. have been making a concentrated effort to revitalize once defunct portions of their community. These city governments are implementing what is known as multi-use (or mixed-use) development to attract a new and younger crowd of residents.

The Future of Land Surveying

In today’s modern age, we’ve developed more accurate and efficient methods for performing land surveys. As such, Austin Engineering has been leading the charge by implementing drone technology to provide as precise an estimate for your land as possible.

Prepare Your Property with the Necessary Entitlements

Jumpstarting the development process isn’t a simple task. Before you can begin to build on your recently acquired land, site entitlements are required. Once you can secure these site entitlements, the real land development begins.

Streambank Erosion and How We Can Prevent It

Keeping our water systems clean and free of debris should be a significant concern for those who manage the properties and infrastructures of a town or city. A significant concern for every property owner with water flowing through their land is streambank erosion.

The Best Features of Effective Commercial Property Landscape Design

By presenting a beautiful, green and multifunctional landscape design for your facility, you are keeping up with the trends and appeasing all those who visit your business. As experts in the field of commercial landscaping, Austin Engineering can provide some insight.

The First Step to the Land Development Process: Site Feasibility Studies

The first goal for all investors involved in development is to determine if the land they are looking to buy is worth the cost; this is where site feasibility studies come in. To best assess the property you wish to use, civil engineers can conduct site feasibility studies.

Sustainability and Beauty at The Foundry in Bloomington

The landscape design of The Foundry, home to Bloomington Cycle and Fitness, Gingerbread House and Green Top Grocery, was done by Austin Engineering. We created a sustainable development and met traditional site requirements through non-traditional measures.

A Thoughtful Approach to Streetscape Design

It might not be something you commonly think about, but you and your neighborhood’s streetscape design interact often. The moment you pull out of your driveway or take your dog for a walk, you are taking advantage of your local streetscape.

The Human Touch of New Urbanism

A movement of smarter city design was born in the 1980s: new urbanism. This movement harkens back to a time were automobiles didn’t rule our lives. New urbanism is the latest trend cities and towns are adopting, so to revitalize large and defunct areas.

Solving Stormwater Pollution with Permeable Pavement

As is apparent in the state of Illinois and throughout the United States, stormwater management is an issue of late. However, there exists a better method to handle stormwater, preventing it from becoming polluted and letting it integrate back into a more natural cycle: permeable pavement.