Recent News

Multi-Use Development Across the U.S.

For the past few decades, cities across the U.S. have been making a concentrated effort to revitalize once defunct portions of their community. These city governments are implementing what is known as multi-use (or mixed-use) development to attract a new and younger crowd of residents.

The Future of Land Surveying

In today’s modern age, we’ve developed more accurate and efficient methods for performing land surveys. As such, Austin Engineering has been leading the charge by implementing drone technology to provide as precise an estimate for your land as possible.

Prepare Your Property with the Necessary Entitlements

Jumpstarting the development process isn’t a simple task. Before you can begin to build on your recently acquired land, site entitlements are required. Once you can secure these site entitlements, the real land development begins.

Streambank Erosion and How We Can Prevent It

Keeping our water systems clean and free of debris should be a significant concern for those who manage the properties and infrastructures of a town or city. A significant concern for every property owner with water flowing through their land is streambank erosion.