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When Do You Need a Civil Engineer?
When Do You Need a Civil Engineer?

The need for civil engineering companies in the Quad Cities all depends on what stage your construction project is at. Whether just looking to start or are further along in the process, a civil engineer is useful throughout development. Here are a few examples of times when you’ll need the help of civil engineers.

Initial Surveying

Before you break ground on your new construction, you’ll already be needing the assistance of a civil engineering company. To properly inspect the land you wish to build on, a civil engineer must perform a survey. The purpose of a land survey is to determine boundary lines. Additionally, a survey can include mapping of topography, what natural resources are on the property and the location of buildings and other improvements.

Input on Design

Alongside the architects and builders of a project, civil engineers provide valuable information on the design of a development. A civil engineer best helps by evaluating the design and adjusting it per government regulations, environmental hazards and other issues that risk endangering the course of construction. Once a civil engineer approves a design, the building can begin.

Building Inspection

Even after the initial construction has begun, civil engineers will often stay on-site to help manage the development process. What a civil engineer might do on-site includes checking to see all building codes are followed, analyzing the quality of materials a project uses and other various construction management duties.

Assistance in Repair Efforts

When looking to repair a road or renovate a building, a civil engineer can be incredibly useful. A civil engineer is trained to pinpoint each problem with a project and provide efficient solutions. After receiving the proper permits and completing the repairs and reconstruction, a civil engineer will come back to verify a building is complying with all codes and regulations.

Civil Engineering for Every Step

When looking to complete your latest construction project, you’ll find you won’t be wondering when a civil engineer is required. Instead, you’ll want to know what civil engineering companies in the Quad Cities you can trust to help you through the entire process. When looking for such a company, you can rely on the professionals at Austin Engineering.

Austin Engineering is the primary civil engineers of Illinois, Iowa, and other surrounding states. Since 1937, we have been providing civil engineering services, land surveying and landscaping for various companies and city projects. Our team of engineers will work with you to develop a solution for your construction project that meets your every expectation.

When you need skill and experience from one of the best civil engineering companies in the Quad Cities, look no further than Austin Engineering. You can contact us at 309-204-0694. Also, we are located at 311 SW Water Street, Suite 215, Peoria, IL 61602.