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The Best Features of Effective Commercial Property Landscape Design
The Best Features of Effective Commercial Property Landscape Design

Times are rapidly changing, and keeping up with what’s popular is imperative if you wish to see your business thrive. However, more than business practices or services offered, the exterior and landscape of your facility are what draw in new clients and customers. First impressions mean everything to a successful business. Thus, by presenting a beautiful, green and multifunctional landscape design for your facility, you are keeping up with the trends and appeasing all those who visit your business. So, what are the most popular additions you can make to your landscape design in 2019? As experts in the field of commercial landscaping, Austin Engineering can provide some insight.

Environmentally Friendly Garden Ideas

The first step to the beautification of any property involves the inclusion of flowers and gardens. However, a garden can do more than look good. One such example of a multi-functional garden is a pollinator garden. During the spring and into summer, pollinator gardens not only offer a lovely view but help the local bee population and other pollinator animals.

Additionally, gardens are advantageous when looking to reign in erosion and protect the local water quality. Instead of rains carrying soil and other contaminants back into your water supply, gardens can intercept much of that water. Plants keep dirt in place and use their roots as a filtration system for water, thus improving its overall quality.

Well Placed Outdoor Lighting

When night begins to fall, is your property well lit? Keeping the lights on day and night is a crucial concern of most businesses. The best way to manage a landscape design with plenty of lighting is to utilize LED light fixtures. Compared to traditional lighting options, LED provide a higher light output as well as reduced energy consumption.

Even with less traditional businesses, like apartment complexes or hotels, efficient lighting is imperative to the safety and convenience of your guests, residents, clients, etc. Well-lit facilities decrease the chance for accidents to take place and lower the risk of crime. Moreover, LED lighting uses less energy for a brighter light, saving you money while helping the environment.

Plenty of Seating

If you put effort into making your landscaping beautiful and unique, you should also offer opportunities for visitors and employees to admire it. By placing areas for seating around your exterior, you invite individuals to connect with the environment. Whether as an area for social interaction or a quiet get-away, seating areas are essential to your landscape design.

For employees, being stuck inside all day can become tiresome and depressing. However, by placing benches or chairs around your landscaping and away from the hustle and bustle, you allow your workers a chance to relax and recharge. Or, coupling seating arrangements with other fixtures like firepits or grills creates a social atmosphere both guests and employees can take advantage of once the workday concludes.

Parks and Office Spaces Combined

Ultimately, the goal of commercial landscaping design trends is to create a space where both work and play can occur. Most businesses look to develop an area where people wish to gather and stay. Whether through beautiful and functional gardens, well-lit environments or places to sit and relax, businesses’ landscaping designs are becoming the hotspots of cities around the country. And Austin Engineering is at the forefront of efficient and stunning commercial landscaping design.

Austin Engineering’s team of civil engineers and landscape experts develop breathtaking designs for businesses throughout Illinois and all of the United States. Not only do we look to improve the image of your facility’s exterior, but we work to provide a landscape that is both self-sustaining and environmentally friendly. Our recent design of The Foundry in Bloomington, IL and improvements at the ATS North Peoria, IL campus are testaments to the sustainability and creativity we can achieve in all the work we do.

To learn more about Austin Engineering and how we can help you achieve the perfect commercial landscape design, contact us today at (309) 228-9552. Also, our Peoria office is located at 311 SW Water St, Ste 215, Peoria, IL 61602.