Landscape Architect Moline IL

Landscape Architect Moline IL

Going Green with Landscape Architects

When you walk down your street to admire the lush greenery or stroll through the park to take in the fresh air, you have landscape architects to thank. No other service combines nature and design in the way landscape development can. If wanting to hire your own landscape architect, Moline IL locals know only the best are found at Austin Engineering.

For over 80 years, Austin Engineering has been providing landscape design and other engineering services throughout Central IL and other states. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful spaces that both respect nature and fit your budget. It’s why Austin Engineering’s landscape architects are respected above all others.

Why Should You Hire a Landscape Architect?

Before you decide against landscape design or take a crack at it yourself, consider hiring a professional. Austin Engineering’s landscape architects are unparalleled in their design knowledge and can help you reach your exact vision.

  • Devise a Plan
    • It’s the job of a landscape architect to develop land in attractive but useful ways. With experience and training, our professionals know to select the perfect styles, materials, textures and colors for your project.
  • Know the Land
    • If issues arise on the land you plan on shaping, our landscape architects can overcome any problem. Working around obstacles, complying with city codes and being flexible are all important parts to landscape design.
  • Get the Most Out of Your Design
    • Hiring a professional landscape architect can help rule the best methods in your design. For example, our experts can place trees and shrubbery to help your building lower heating costs and reduce noise pollution.
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Landscaping through Austin Engineering

When you hire an Austin Engineering landscape architect, Moline IL residents know they’ll be getting the very best. Our designers have completed multiple landscaping projects for various clients. Such projects include:

  • Master Planning (Commercial/Academic/Civic)
  • Color Renderings
  • Cost Effective Sustainable Site Planning
  • Healthcare/Assisted Living Facilities
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Streetscapes/Urban Design
  • Native Landscape Development and Restoration
  • Outdoor Healing Gardens
  • Rain Gardens
  • Private Estate Gardens
  • Storm Water Management Planting Design
  • Green Roofs

Learn About Us

If you’re interested in Austin Engineering and our other services of land development and surveying, get in touch with us today. You can call us at 563-207-4605. Also, we are located at 220 Emerson Place Suite 305, Davenport, IA 52801.