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Prepare Your Property with the Necessary Entitlements
Prepare Your Property with the Necessary Entitlements

The purchase of land is often followed up by the development of the property. After all, few people buy land intending to do nothing with it. However, jumpstarting the development process isn’t a simple task. Before you can begin to build on your recently acquired land, site entitlements are required. Once you can secure these site entitlements, the real land development begins.

What Are Site Entitlements?

Site entitlements, also called land entitlements, are meant to establish what can and can’t be done with a piece of property. During the legal process of securing entitlements, a developer discusses with the governing municipality what they are allowed to construct. Entitlements are often long and detailed, specifying the exact usage for your purchased land. Various tests and surveys are conducted on your property to determine what’s best for the community, city and environment. Entitlements are the most critical piece to any land development, as they can either make or break your project right from the start.

Where to Get Started

  • The entitlement process starts with a plan of action and consultation with your design team, which should include the professionals at Austin Engineering. You should have a general idea of what you’re trying to build in advance of meeting with your design team. Moreover, your planning should be conscious of local zoning regulations, the environmental impact of a project, laws, etc.
  • Once your plans are in place, it’s time for review. To earn the necessary entitlements, you must present your idea to those in charge of your area’s development. The ultimate reviewing body changes from location to location, but the process always stays the same. The board in charge of your review will put your plan to the test and determine whether it can go forward.
  • Sometimes your plan can be rejected, but there’s no need to fret just yet. You now can adjust your plan and resubmit it for appeal. The review board will most likely outline why it was rejected in the first place so that you can make the proper tweaks.
  • Assuming you’ve passed either the initial review or the appeal process, your plan can progress to the next steps. Now, it’s time to take your plan to the next level. Austin Engineering will put together the layout of your finalized project. This design is then also presented to the deciding group for your development, and it passes along to the final review.
  • Your plan and design can pass every test, but if it does not get approval from the local community, you’ll have to go back to the drawing board. Public sessions will be held to present your idea for development to the residents who will be most affected by it. Upon receiving feedback from the neighborhood, a final vote of approval will occur to determine whether you can finally begin construction.

Why Are Site Entitlements Necessary?

As stated previously, you can’t begin construction on your project without the proper site entitlements in order. However, site entitlements aren’t intended to draw out the development process. There are plenty of good reasons why entitlements are required.

  • Site Entitlements ensure all parties to be involved in your development are in agreement. By keeping the city government, local transit infrastructure, the environmental protection agency and other departments on the same page, you make sure your project goes off without a hitch.
  • By keeping your community involved in the process of your development, it helps to promote its success. Any feedback you receive from residents can go back into your project and allow it to become as beneficial to the community as possible.
  • If there are any problems with the land you are developing, you find out before construction begins. In the long run, you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars with the help of entitlements. Land entitlements are put in place just as much for your protection as the protection of the city.

Begin Your Entitlement Process

A site entitlement process can be incredibly complex and demanding. Often the process can take, at minimum, three months. Or, at maximum, you could be working on entitlements for a year or more! However, with the right company handling your site entitlements, you can be sure to keep that time restraint much lower. As such, Austin Engineering has the team you need to secure the necessary site entitlements your development requires.

Austin Engineering has contributed to the growth of commercial, industrial and residential infrastructure around the country for the last 80 years. Our experience and expertise have led us to become leaders in civil engineering, landscape design and surveying. Through our civil engineering consulting, we can ensure to get your site entitlements on the right track. In no time, you’ll see your latest building designs come to life.

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