Landscape Architect Knoxville TN

Landscape Architect Knoxville TN

Plan Properties Properly with a Landscape Architect in Knoxville TN

Get a breathtaking design for outdoor spaces at your residential, commercial, civic, or industrial property with a landscape architect in Knoxville TN. Austin Engineering uses our expertise in site planning, site analysis, site inventory, land planning, planting design, and storm water grading management to give your property a custom eco-system. Plus, we make sure all plans comply with local building codes as well as state and federal ordinances. Our past landscape design projects including the following:

  • Color renderings of designs
  • City street landscapes and urban designs
  • Master planning for commercial, academic, or civic properties
  • Storm water management planting designs
  • Native landscape development and restoration
  • Landscapes for assisted living and healthcare facilities
  • Parks
  • Outdoor recreational areas
  • Rain gardens
  • Private estate gardens
  • Green roofs
  • Outdoor healing gardens

Make sure to view some of our other great designs at our project spotlights page to see the difference we can make. Since 1937, our team has helped communities, businesses, and private clients develop their land with great looking outdoor spaces. . Contact us for civil engineering, commercial landscape design, commercial site planning, residential site planning, and land development.

Conserve Water and Energy

The right plan for your land can save you money by creating more efficient use of water and energy. Our company will first analyze your land. Then, we can create a plan to plant trees and shrubbery in the proper places to help you save on heating and cooling costs. In addition, we can use native plants that give you a low-maintenance garden. As a result, you can reduce overall water usage and the need to spend more for supplemental watering or irrigation systems. For more information on how to better conserve water and energy, consult with our landscape architect in Knoxville TN.

Increase the Value of Your Land

Research shows that land developed with landscape plans can an add an extra 15% in value compared to undeveloped properties. In fact, landscape improvements can grow in value over time. Therefore, your investment can continue to grow, rather than improvements made by renovations which lose value with added use. In addition, you can extend the living space on your property with proper landscape planning. Trees, fountains, seating areas, fire pits, patios, and even outdoor cookout areas can create a space that is both environmentally sustainable and inviting. To learn more, discuss your project with our landscape architect in Knoxville TN.

Landscape Architect Knoxville TN

Develop A Look All Your Own

You receive a site plan that custom fits the features of your property into a cohesive system with a landscape architect in Chattanooga TN. Our design ideas consider all the problem areas on your property as well as the opportunities to spotlight land features. Next, we will render our recommendations into a plan to give you an idea of how your property will look. Throughout the process, our team will select the perfect colors, styles, textures, and materials to make your landscape project pop. Most importantly, our landscape architect provides you with a unique outdoor space that gives your property a look all its own.

Contact Our Landscape Architect in Knoxville TN

Austin Engineering can make the outdoors great again at your commercial, residential, civic, or industrial property. To receive a cohesive plan that delivers sustainable landscape design, contact us to get ideas from our landscape architect in Knoxville TN. Call us at 423-379-2725 to request an estimate for your landscape project.