Civil Engineering Firm Chattanooga TN

Civil Engineering Firm Chattanooga TN

Construction Management with the Help of a Civil Engineering Firm for Chattanooga TN

Contractors and architects are all crucial to completing your next construction project. But no one is more essential to your project’s overall success than a trusted civil engineer. Without hiring a civil engineering firm in Chattanooga TN, the entirety of your project is as good as guesswork! However, a firm such as Austin Engineering can ensure you have a solid plan for completing your construction operation.

The Job of a Civil Engineer

While each project will vary, the job of a civil engineer stays relatively the same. And much of our work will take place before breaking ground on your project. As such, Austin Engineering takes care of important factors such as:

  • Feasibility Studies & Property Assessments – How do you know a piece of land is best for your project? Truthfully, you won’t know; rather, you wouldn’t know without the work done by a civil engineering firm for Chattanooga TN. We perform extensive study and research on your land, compiling data on its economic feasibility, topography, accessibility, and overall potential.
  • Zoning, Permits & Other Regulations – If we find a piece of land worth your construction efforts, we ensure it can be utilized properly. Often, this means acquiring proper zoning, securing building permits, and submitting site plans to city officials. Using our local and state contacts, we can quickly get approval for legal obstacles in the way of your construction.
  • Site Planning Your civil engineers will put together a plan that ensures a straightforward construction process. Through site planning, we develop project designs that are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and energy conscious. And as your project progresses, we adapt your site plan to fit specific design constraints or preferences.
  • Project Management – Once construction has begun, our team sticks with you up through the project’s completion. As such, we can assist with project management. In doing so, we make sure construction is up to code, safety guidelines are being followed, and contractors understand your project’s end goal.
Civil Engineering Firm Surveying Land in Chattanooga TN

Austin Engineering’s Specialties

Our team’s skill and experience have incredible range over a wide variety of different projects for residential, commercial, and industrial construction. As such, we’ve helped our clients throughout the US with various projects such as:

  • Land Development
  • Erosion Control Design
  • Sanitary Sewer System Design
  • Residential & Commercial Subdivisions
  • Water System Design
  • Road & Highway Designs
  • And More

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