Civil Engineering Chattanooga TN

Civil Engineering Chattanooga TN

Meeting Your Construction Needs with Civil Engineering in Chattanooga TN

Before the construction process begins, there’s plenty of preparation that must be done. Thankfully, with the guidance of a civil engineer, much of that work can be accomplished with relative ease. And when it comes to civil engineering in Chattanooga TN, few provide better service than the experts at Austin Engineering. Make sure your next construction project starts off right by getting in touch with our team of civil engineers.

What Does Civil Engineering Entail?

The job of a civil engineer can vary from project to project. However, the overall aim of civil engineering is to come up with the best methods and solutions to achieve a successful outcome for your construction project. As such, Austin Engineering can provide such services as:

  • Site Planning and Design – While our team does not handle the architectural design of a structure, we can design the layout for the land you’re using. Site planning and design consider the topography, location, size, and landscape of a piece of property. In the end, our designs make up the foundation of any residential, commercial or industrial project.
  • Feasibility Studies – Before construction begins, our engineers will take time to evaluate a piece of land. Through feasibility studies, we determine various factors that can affect the outcome of your construction. For example, feasibility studies look at the environmental impact of construction, give cost estimates, and determine the likelihood of successful construction for a piece of land.
  • Project Manager – In the leadup to a project, civil engineering in Chattanooga TN involves acquiring proper building permits, ensuring correct zoning, and gaining city approval to begin construction. After construction has begun, our team can then shift into the role of project manager. As project managers, we help our clients abide by local building regulations, follow all safety guidelines, and implement land development according to an established site plan.
Civil Engineering Workers in Chattanooga TN

Examples of Projects

No matter the type or size of the project, Austin Engineering has the skill and know-how to provide the best civil engineering services available in Tennessee. As such, we’ve helped clients across the US with projects involving:

Talk with Our Team

Civil engineering for Chattanooga TN should always be your first step in the construction process. And to ensure you’re getting all the best site planning, project management and land development services available, get in touch with the Austin Engineering team today. You can call us at 423-379-2725 to request a quote. Or, you can reach out to us via our online form.