Land Developer Chattanooga TN

Land Developer Chattanooga TN

Need a Land Developer for Chattanooga TN? Austin Engineering Has You Covered

Whether planning the construction of a new residential subdivision or erecting new construction for commercial businesses, a land developer is key to the process. Employing a land developer for Chattanooga TN ensures property is prepared and designs are established before ground is broken on new construction. And to achieve the highest level of preparation for your next project, you can count on the team at Austin Engineering for support.

What Does a Land Developer Look At?

Land development is more than approving a piece of property for new construction. A land developer designs a site plan for your project, considering factors such as feasibility, zoning, local regulations, building codes and more. For example, Austin Engineering can manage:

  • Feasibility Studies – We assess a piece of property’s positive and negative aspects through feasibility studies. In the end, a study will determine the practicality of a proposed project. Feasibility studies factor in a project’s environmental impact, economic benefits, estimated cost and revenue, and the overall chance at success.
  • Zoning – While a piece of property might seem perfect at first, there can be unforeseen elements that will impact construction progress. For example, local zoning codes can sometimes cause issues if you wish to build commercial on residentially zoned land or vice versa. It’s the job of your land developer for Chattanooga TN to obtain necessary zoning, platting and construction plan approvals from local municipalities.
  • Site Planning The design and construction of a structure, while important, are only one part of your project. Developing a site plan comes before construction begins. A site plan will lay out ideas for roads, stormwater management, utility connections, topography, and more. And as initial construction begins, your site plan will continue to evolve and adapt to new project developments.
Land Developer Working in Chattanooga TN

What We Develop

Austin Engineering has managed land development for various clients across the United States for years. Our skill and experience can apply to almost any project, as we’ve likely dealt with something similar. For example, we’ve provided our land development services for the construction of:

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