Residential Site Planning Chattanooga TN

Residential Site Planning Chattanooga TN

Successful Construction Requires Residential Site Planning in Chattanooga TN

Whether constructing a new apartment complex or designing an addition to a residential subdivision, site planning is crucial for your project’s progress. Residential site planning will give your project the outline necessary to acquire permits, hire contractors, and generally get construction started. If you need residential site planning for Chattanooga TN, you can count on the engineering experts at Austin Engineering.

What Site Planning Covers

As mentioned previously, site planning is an outline for your ideal construction project. Your site plan will include structure designs, planned infrastructure, specific property features, and more. Such planning is necessary for any new construction or property additions, as your site plan addresses:

  • Checks for Building and Zoning Codes – Not any residential structure can be built “anywhere.” There are specific local building and zoning codes that specify the standards for which area construction should meet. Creating your site plan reads like a proposal for your project, passing city government checks and regulations. Austin Engineering understands what it takes to ensure your construction stays in compliance in Chattanooga.
  • Legal Property Issues – A piece of land can come with more baggage than you might expect. However, that doesn’t mean your property is unusable. It just requires an experienced engineering professional to help work around said issues. For example, our team will manage encroachment concerns, potential easements, environmental conservation, etc.
  • Utility Conditions – One of the most crucial aspects of residential site planning in Chattanooga TN is the inclusion of a property’s infrastructure. Your property requires appropriate connections for gas, electricity, water, and other utilities. In site planning, we account for what’s already present on your property and propose additional infrastructure based on what inspectors require.
Residential Site Planning meeting occuring in Chattanooga TN

Additional Site Planning

At Austin Engineering, we’ve done site planning for our fair share of residential subdivisions and apartment complexes. However, our site planning prowess goes beyond the residential space. We’ve lent our services to property owners and contractors with projects such as:

  • New Highway Design
  • Road Reconstruction
  • Commercial Subdivisions
  • Golf Entertainment Facilities
  • Car Wash Sites
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Sports Fields
  • Shopping Centers

Talk with Our Team

Ensure you have everything you need for your next construction project with proper residential site planning in Chattanooga TN. Call the professionals at Austin Engineering today! Contact us today at 423-379-2725 to receive a quote. Also, our Chattanooga office is located at 2115 Stein Drive, Suite 207, Chattanooga, TN 37421.