Engineers Chattanooga TN

Engineers Chattanooga TN

Don’t Start Construction Without Guidance from Civil Engineers in Chattanooga TN

When looking to get a jumpstart on your next construction project, contractors rely on the services offered by civil engineers. Between land development, project management and more, civil engineering firms provide a host of services for getting construction off the ground and helping it reach a successful conclusion. And through Austin Engineering, you have access to the best civil engineers for Chattanooga TN!

The Primary Services of Civil Engineers

Much of the work your civil engineer contributes towards a project is in preparing and implementing site plans, land development, safety regulations, and more. As such, Austin Engineering’s primary civil engineer services include:

  • Land Development – Land development (or site development) prepares a property for eventual construction. After we perform a survey and evaluation of your land, our team will propose specific designs and developments to undertake before construction begins in full. Such developments include leveling land, laying foundations, installing utility connections, building access roads, resolving zoning disputes, etc.
  • Project Management – Once construction has begun, our civil engineers for Chattanooga TN can continue to offer their guidance and expertise. Through project management, our engineers help direct and organize all involved parties to best assist clients in reaching project goals on time and within budget. We address other project concerns, including safety procedures, local construction regulations, communication between contractors, and other tasks.
  • Environmental Services – Everything we do for land development and project management considers any constraints and impact on the environment. Before a project progresses, we perform an environmental assessment of the land and determine the specific regulations a project must abide by. As a result, we help contractors design and implement retaining walls, stormwater management, soil treatment, and more throughout construction.
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The Work We’ve Done

Since 1937, Austin Engineering has provided our services to numerous states throughout the US, including Tennessee, Illinois, Florida, Texas and more. Our team’s goal is to help our clients achieve their project’s vision by utilizing creative and innovative designs. And in doing so, we’ve helped implement plans and designs for:

  • Residential & Commercial Subdivisions
  • Road Reconstruction
  • Sports Fields
  • Water Systems
  • Erosion Control
  • New Highway Systems
  • Shopping Centers
  • Apartment Complexes

Give Austin Engineering a Call

Start your next construction project on the right foot with the guidance of expert civil engineers for Chattanooga TN. Call the professionals at Austin Engineering today! You can contact us at 423-379-2725 to receive a quote. Or, you can contact us online via our online form.