Land Development Company Chattanooga TN

Land Development Company Chattanooga TN

Find a Dependable Land Development Company for Chattanooga TN

While you’re undoubtedly excited to purchase a piece of property and begin construction on your next project, work can’t begin without first investing in land development! And as crucial a step as land development can be, you want experts who are well-versed in construction and environmental constraints in Tennessee. Thankfully, Austin Engineering fits the bill when it comes to an experienced and local land development company for Chattanooga TN!

What Does Land Development Entail?

In addition to molding a piece of land to fit the needs of contractors, land development also deals with the legal aspects of construction. For example, when Austin Engineering assists with land development, we perform tasks such as:

  • Conducting Surveys and Property Assessments – Before we can recommend any changes to a piece of property, we must first understand what we are working with. By conducting specific surveys (such as an ALTA survey) and performing property assessments, we better understand a piece of land’s boundaries, easements, utility connections, elevations, zoning, etc.
  • Putting Together a Site Plan – After surveys and assessments are complete, Austin Engineering can proceed to site planning. A site plan provides an initial framework for the additions or changes that must be made to a piece of land so that construction can abide by all local building regulations. Our team takes special care to ensure your site plan is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and energy conscious.
  • Pulling Permits and Settling Zoning – Our land development company for Chattanooga TN also takes care of the legal aspects of construction. This step primarily consists of acquiring all the appropriate permits for construction to commence. Furthermore, we settle any potential disputes with easements, encroachments and zoning that can otherwise impede your construction project’s progress.
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Full-Service Civil Engineering

Austin Engineering strives to meet your project’s goals by producing cost-effective and environmentally friendly designs when working with our clients. Furthermore, our team has extensive experience with various commercial and residential projects, giving us incredible insight when it comes to developing your future construction. To see specific examples of our work and the experts we’ve partnered with, check out our project spotlight!

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Ensure the most crucial needs of your project construction are met with assistance from the best land development company for Chattanooga TN. Give the experts at Austin Engineering a call today! You can contact us at
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