Land Development Services Chattanooga TN

Land Development Services Chattanooga TN

Complete Land Development Services for Chattanooga TN

Behind every subdivision, highway or commercial structure, there’s an initial plan in place. The preparations that must be made before construction begins are numerous. Land development services are the foundations of any construction project, no matter the size. Thus, it’s crucial to find land development services in Chattanooga TN you can rely on for accuracy and efficiency. And with Austin Engineering, your land development is in the right hands.

What Does Land Development Entail?

Land development is a series of preparatory tasks to get a piece of land ready for construction. As such, Austin Engineering has worked with hundreds of contractors to provide complete land development services for Chattanooga TN and throughout the country. Some of those services include:

  • Surveys – To get an accurate description of a piece of property, Austin Engineering will perform a land survey. Our team uses precise tools to determine a property’s boundaries, analyze elevations, identify topography, assess usable space for construction, and more during land surveying.
  • Feasibility Study – Before investors agree to the purchase of property, a feasibility study can be conducted. During such a study, our team will determine what must be done to a piece of land before construction can begin. Throughout the study, we will analyze zoning requirements, local and federal building codes, existing conditions, and projected budget.
  • Initial Design – It’s best to understand how you wish construction to begin and how your structure or landscape should be designed. As such, Austin Engineering can produce initial designs for a project. Such designs will focus on a property’s landscape, streetscape, existing structures, necessary utilities, stormwater management, etc.
  • Project Management – To ensure the proper design implementation, our civil engineering team will continue to oversee the construction project. Furthermore, we can assist with the direction of contractors, ensure building codes are followed, and safety standards are met.
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More About Austin Engineering

Land development services for Chattanooga TN are crucial to commercial and residential construction success. For years, Austin Engineering has managed numerous projects, assisting in cityscape design, property landscaping, commercial rezoning, and much more. Our team can navigate the goalposts of a specific project and help you achieve your objectives through careful, creative and intelligent designs. To see some of the work we’ve completed and the clients we’ve partnered with, check out our Project Spotlights.

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When searching for accurate and extensive land development services for Chattanooga TN, count on the expert civil engineers at Austin Engineering. To learn more about our other services and the work we’ve done, contact us today at 423-379-2725. Or, you can contact us online via our online form.