Civil Engineers Chattanooga TN

Civil Engineers Chattanooga TN

Get Your Project Moving with Civil Engineers for Chattanooga TN

If you aren’t familiar with the job of civil engineers, you should be! Especially if putting together a team of contractors for new construction, civil engineers for Chattanooga TN are essential to the success of your project. Austin Engineer’s team of civil engineers will help put a plan in place to implement your project and oversee its completion.

Why Do You Need Civil Engineers?

While property updates or renovations might not require the services of a civil engineer, new construction certainly does. From initial site planning to acquiring proper building permits, civil engineers are crucial to completing commercial, residential, or industrial construction.

  • Site Planning Before you begin construction, you need to prepare your property through site planning. It’s the job of your civil engineer to survey and study your property, putting together an accurate description of its features. For example, a site plan will include setbacks, driveways, fencing, utility poles, landscaping and more. And once your site plan is complete, our team will submit it to city or county officials for approval, setting in motion your project construction.
  • Environmental Protection – New construction must also consider environmental protections and regulations. Our team will conduct feasibility studies that assess environmental hazards, environmental impact, potential construction costs, and the likely success of a project. In the end, the information we gather determines the environmental risks of construction and how you can stay in compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Best Work Practices – Once construction begins, your civil engineers for Chattanooga TN can take the role of project manager. Through project management, we help secure building permits, manage a project’s materials, ensure a structure is “up-to-code,” and help contractors stay work-site OSHA-compliant. Moreover, our team will oversee the implementation of a site plan and associated land development.
Civil Engineers Designing Layout in Chattanooga TN

Serving Your Design Needs

At Austin Engineering, our civil engineers strive to meet the needs of our clients with cost-effective, energy-conscious and environmentally friendly design ideas. As such, we’ve helped hundreds of clients throughout the US with major commercial, residential and industrial projects, such as:

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