Engineer Firm Chattanooga TN

Engineer Firm Chattanooga TN

Get Your Project on Track with an Engineer Firm for Chattanooga TN

There’s more work that goes into preparing a construction project than you might first expect. Whether for a small office building or a large subdivision, the initial planning process stays relatively the same. And with the help of an expert engineer firm for Chattanooga TN, you can get your next project started on the right foot. Be sure to consider Austin Engineering when looking for the area’s best civil engineers.

How We Can Help

Together, our civil engineers provide various services that assist in the start, management and completion of a construction project. Such services include:

  • Navigation of Regulations – The legal intricacies and red-tape you must cut through to begin any construction is enough to stall projects indefinitely. Thankfully, Austin Engineering has plenty of experience navigating local regulations and acquiring all necessary permits. We help contractors secure building permits, acquire proper zoning, and get site plans approved using our local and state contacts.
  • Assessment of Property – Before construction can begin, investors wish to be confident in where they place their money. As such, performing site surveys and conducting feasibility studies is a crucial step for any building project. With land surveys, we determine a property’s boundaries, topography, elevations/grading, etc. Furthermore, we uncover potential issues with zoning, building codes, utility management, and budget constraints with a feasibility study.
  • Site Planning – After a thorough investigation into your property, we put together an initial site plan. Site planning ensures a straightforward construction project, providing a framework for work needing to be done. As an expert engineer firm for Chattanooga TN, we strive to create site designs that are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and energy conscious.
  • Project Manager – When construction is finally ready to begin, our civil engineering services don’t stop! To ensure your construction goes as smoothly as possible, we can assist with project management. We ensure all building standards are met through project management, helping contractor teams efficiently communicate, following safety guidelines, and promptly meeting all project goals.
Engineer Firm looking at site in Chattanooga TN

The Work We’ve Done

Over the years, Austin Engineering has contributed to numerous building projects throughout the country. Our civil engineers and land development team strive to help you achieve your project’s vision. As such, we have incredible experience in managing residential, commercial and industrial construction involving:

  • Land Development
  • Flood Elevation Studies
  • Erosion Control Designs
  • Commercial Construction Designs
  • Commercial and Residential Subdivision Designs
  • New Highway Systems
  • And Much More

Talk with Our Team

Rest assured, when you hire Austin Engineering as your engineer firm for Chattanooga TN, your construction project is in capable hands. To learn more about our services or some of our biggest projects, contact us today at
423-379-2725. Or, you can contact us online via our online form.