Solar Farm Surveys Springfield IL

Solar Farm Surveys Springfield IL

Looking to Install Solar? First, Consider Solar Farm Surveys in Springfield IL

Solar energy production is increasingly popular for those wishing to switch off fossil fuels and produce cleaner, more abundant energy. However, adequate solar production takes more than the installation of a few panels on your home or property. If you wish to maximize the solar production potential of your property, solar farm surveys in Springfield IL are the way. With help from Austin Engineering, we can determine the best placement for your panels and provide helpful data for future expansion and additions.

What’s the Purpose of a Solar Farm Survey?

Just as successful construction projects require detailed designs and planning, so do the most optimized solar farms. As such, Austin Engineering supplies various survey services that assess the viability of your land for solar energy production. With a property report provided by Austin Engineering’s expert survey crews, you can ensure:

  • Enhanced Energy Production – Utilizing topographical data allows for strategic planning of your solar panel installation. For instance, considering the sun’s position at various times of the day, selecting an optimal location or adjusting the orientation of your solar panels can significantly enhance electricity production.
  • Environmental Protections – Property owners must be careful to preserve the environment during solar panel installation, lest they inhibit their energy production and run afoul of local environmental protections. A solar survey can pinpoint optimal locations that minimize your environmental footprint.
  • Maximized Value and Cost Savings – Ensuring your panels can achieve maximum production proves essential energy savings. In turn, you can save big on utility costs. Additionally, a solar survey confirms property boundaries and other legal concerns you can avoid during installation and not incur significant fines or fees.
  • Future Planning – The information obtained from a solar farm survey is crucial for planning and executing future projects or expansions. Such surveys enable you to strategize for the scalability and flexibility of your solar energy initiatives, ensuring their long-term success and efficiency.

Additional Survey Services from Austin Engineering

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Solar farm surveys in Springfield IL utilize parts of other surveys to complete an analysis of a property best suited for solar production. As such, Austin Engineering’s survey crews are well-versed in numerous types of surveying. Whether we provide assistance for site planning and land development or study the environmental impact of construction on a site, we have the tools and experience to ensure highly accurate, detailed survey services. Surveys we offer include:

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If you wish to invest in solar energy but aren’t sure where to begin, allow Austin Engineering to assist. We can help you plan for your solar farm with our comprehensive solar farm surveys in Springfield IL. If you are interested in a survey or want to learn more about our civil engineering and landscape architecture services, call 309-691-0224 for a quote. Our main office is located at 311 SW Water St, Suite 215, Peoria, IL 61602.