Site Layout Surveys Davenport IA

Site Layout Surveys Davenport IA

Build with Confidence, Thanks to Site Layout Surveys in Davenport IA

Like any property owner or contractor, you want your construction project to succeed! However, certified land surveyors are required if you wish to achieve complete success and ensure architectural designs live up to your expectations. A detailed site layout survey is one of the most crucial aspects of pre-construction prep. Without proper site layout surveys in Davenport IA, contractors won’t know where and how to begin construction. Thanks to survey and engineering firms like Austin Engineering, contractors can access highly accurate survey services at a reasonable cost. Call today to learn more.

What Are Site Layout Surveys All About?

Also called construction staking, a site layout survey is essential for any commercial or residential construction project. During a site layout survey, a survey crew uses architectural design plans for construction to mark, or stake, reference points around a site that guide contractors and delineate proposed improvements on the property. This staking process helps contractors stay accurate to design plans, keeps construction on schedule, and saves the pain caused by correcting potential errors.

What Do Engineers Mark During a Site Layout Survey?

Civil engineers implement two types of construction staking when interpreting blueprints: rough construction staking and site layout construction staking. For rough construction staking, large site improvements and property features such as building outlines, slopes, roadways, etc., are marked. Site layout construction staking gets more detailed, beginning with marking the locations of underground utilities, interior grid lines, building corners, and more. Additional examples of what a full site layout survey stakes include:

  • Sewer Lines
  • Electrical Features
  • Wells
  • Property Lines
  • Setbacks
  • Roads

Do You Need Construction Staking?

The more complicated or detailed a construction project, the greater the need for site layout surveys in Davenport IA. Austin Engineering recommends construction staking for any size and difficulty of the project, as the process greatly assists contractors. Site layout survey benefits include:

A stake on a construction site, placed during Site Layout Surveys in Davenport IA
  • Greater Accuracy – A site layout survey keeps construction accurate by adhering to exact design plans. This minimizes errors in construction that might require expensive and time-consuming corrections.
  • Time Efficiency – Contractors don’t have to waste time determining where walls and utilities will go if a complete survey marks these areas ahead of time.
  • Compliance with Regulations – We ensure construction and design adhere to local building codes and zoning laws by marking boundaries and other critical areas.
  • Improved Communication – Staking is a physical and visual reference that enhances understanding and collaboration among architects, engineers and contractors.
  • Enhanced Safety – By accurately marking underground utilities and other potential hazards, construction staking contributes to a safer work environment.

Find the Survey Services You Need

Whether site layout surveys for Davenport IA, or a topographic survey in Springfield IL, Austin Engineering covers many areas and locations with our survey services. Or, if surveying isn’t what you require, Austin Engineering can further assist construction with civil engineering, land development and landscape architecture. If you are interested in Austin Engineering’s work and wish to receive a quote for your next construction project, call us today at
563-207-4605. Our Iowa office is located at 220 Emerson Place, Suite 101-A, Davenport, IA 52801.