Land Surveying Springfield IL

Land Surveying Springfield IL

Accurate Land Surveying in Springfield IL

From property boundary surveys and easements to staking and elevation certificates, Austin Engineering specializes in all facets of land surveying in Springfield IL. We are a local company providing professional civil engineering consulting and professional land surveying services across Illinois. Established in 1937 and incorporated in 1947, we have played a vital role in the development of the Greater Peoria area for nearly eight decades. In addition to Illinois, we are also licensed in Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin and Florida. Our clientele includes public and private clients, as well as fellow engineers and architects. Also, our duties include performing projects on a variety of budgets, including lump-sum contracts, cost-plus, not to exceed, and on an hourly basis.

Our vast experience in land design includes subdivision development, senior living facilities, apartment complexes, condominiums, and commercial, property site development. Additionally, we offer stormwater control and management, including hydraulic and hydrologic analysis, detention/retention facility design and flood studies. Why not get in touch for a free quote today?

Our Land Surveying Services in Springfield

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Why Do You Need a Land Surveyor?

Here are ten reasons to have your property surveyed.

  1. Boundary Lines/Property Lines: You need these legal boundaries of occupancy or possession before you build a fence, add on a sunroom, or pave your driveway. A boundary line certification will also ensure the legal description of your property is accurate.
  2. Gores, Overlaps, and Gaps: This is particularly important if your property is located next to alleys, roads, highways, or streets.
  3. Rights-of-Way, Easements, and Abandoned Roads: A survey will reveal the conditions imposed by law reflected in your property’s title report and other agreements.
  4. Ponds, Rivers, Creeks, Streams, Wells, and Lakes: Most standard surveys will report visible or surface waters only. Other types of professional inspections may be better suited to underground streams and wetlands.
  5. Joint Driveways, Party Walls, Rights-of-Support, Overhangs, Encroachments, or Projections: You have a legal obligation to support your neighbor’s driveway by maintaining your own, which may lead to boundary disputes.
  6. Existing Improvements: Surveyors will certify that the buildings and other improvements made to your property do not violate laws or other restrictions.
  7. Water, Electric, Gas, Telephone Lines and Poles: While poles and above-ground wires are apparent, surveyors can report the existence of underground cables and drains.
  8. Cemeteries: Surveys can show the exact location of old cemeteries on your property, even though this is rare.
  9. Access, Ingress, and Egress: Surveys can state whether there is vehicular access to a public street.
  10. Zoning Classification: A survey can specify if your property is zoned for residential, commercial or light industrial use.

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To learn more about our land surveying in Springfield IL, please contact us in our Springfield office at 309-204-0694. Also, we are located at 311 Southwest Water St, Ste 215, Peoria, IL 61602. In the meantime, check out our land surveying portfolio.