Local Land Development Knoxville TN

Local Land Development Knoxville TN

Place Your Trust in Experts for Local Land Development in Knoxville TN

Managing commercial, residential, or industrial construction to a significant degree can prove challenging for landowners and contractors. Thus, finding the right engineers to assist with the initial planning of your project is essential. Local land development for Knoxville TN is the key to starting project construction in the best way possible. And if you are searching for experienced land developers to assist with your project, look no further than Austin Engineering.

What Does Land Development Involve?

As land developers for Tennessee landowners, Austin Engineering has helped implement land design and site planning for numerous construction projects throughout the state. Using our knowledge of local construction restrictions and permits, we ensure your project goes off without a hitch. Here are a few examples of the services we provide for land development:

The Design Phase

A plan must first be drawn up and approved in preparation for construction. Using property surveys and feasibility studies, we evaluate the land you wish to use and create a plan of action for how best to begin construction. During this design phase, our civil engineers will engage with tasks such as:

  • Performing a property survey
  • Conducting a feasibility study
  • Drawing up first drafts/blueprints
  • Acquiring appropriate permits
  • Setting up proper zoning
  • Submitting final plans for approval with local government

The Site Planning Phase

It’s not time to start construction quite yet! With a plan in place, land development transitions into site planning. This aspect of local land development for Knoxville TN ensures a piece of land is ready for construction. In doing so, our civil engineers are responsible for:

  • Leveling/landscaping ground to allow for easier construction
  • Creating the foundation for future structures
  • Designing and installing drainage systems/stormwater management
  • Creating roadways to give construction vehicles/equipment easier access
  • Setting up initial parking and landscape lighting
  • Ensuring utilities are available for construction
An aerial view of designated properties during Local Land Development in Knoxville TN

How Can We Help?

Austin Engineering has extensive experience working in land development. Using our industry knowledge and expert engineers, we’ve assisted with construction projects of all sizes throughout Tennessee and the surrounding states. For example, we’ve completed land development design and site planning for:

  • Commercial Site Plans
  • Water System Designs
  • Sanitary Sewer System Designs
  • Road Reconstruction Designs
  • New Highway Construction
  • Specialty Facility Development
  • Residential/Commercial Subdivisions

Talk with Our Team

Don’t place your local land development for Knoxville TN in less experienced hands. Ensure your land development is handled by expert civil engineers through Austin Engineering. To learn more about our services, contact us today at 423-379-2725. Also, our Tennessee office is located at 2115 Stein Dr, Ste 207, Chattanooga, TN 37421.