Land Development Services Hamilton County TN

Land Development Services Hamilton County TN

Local Engineers for Land Development Services in Hamilton County TN

Add value to your new city, new community, or new phase projects with Austin Engineering land development services in Hamilton County TN. Our engineers help to transform land into fully realized projects. Our services create solutions merging environmental constraints, fiscal requirements, public expectations, and physical site conditions. So, rely on our services for the following kinds of projects.

  • Flood Elevation Studies
  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Detention/Retention Design
  • Commercial Subdivisions
  • Erosion Control Design
  • Project/Construction Management
  • IEPA S.W.P.P.Plans
  • New Highway Systems Designs
  • Water System Design
  • Road Reconstruction Designs
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems Design
  • Pavement Design
  • Lift Station Design
  • Commercial Site Plans
  • Pond/Lake Design & Permitting
  • Shopping Centers
  • Mineral Extraction Facility Permitting
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Retail Drive-Thru Restaurants
  • Sports Fields Design
  • Golf Entertainment Facilities
  • Hotel/Motel Site Designs
  • Car Wash Site Designs

Our site planning and infrastructure solutions help to ensure the financial viability of your construction projects. Plus, our cutting-edge stormwater management solutions and infrastructure innovations form a framework for the project and define the final design. Since 1935, our civil engineering consulting and professional land surveying company has create solutions that shape the landscape of communities we serve. Send us a request today to receive a free estimate for your project.

What to Expect with Land Development Services

Land development services ensure that tracts of land are ready to undergo construction. With that in mind, Austin Engineering has provided countless clients with land development services in Hamilton County TN. Here is what is included with our services:

Land Development Services Hamilton County TN
  • Surveys  – Our engineers perform land surveys to provide an accurate description for the land involved in the project. We use the best tools to define property boundary lines, analyze land elevation, plot the topography of land features, calculate the amount of usable space for construction, and more.
  • Feasibility Studies – We can conduct feasibility studies to assess the financial potential of the land before investors purchase it. During these studies, our engineers will figure out what adjustments the land will need to undergo before construction can begin. Over the course of these studies, we also analyze zoning restraints, municipal building codes, the land’s existing condition, and forecast a projected budget.
  • Initial Design – We provide an overview of landscape design before any construction begins. Thus, Austin Engineering drafts initial designs for the project. These designs focus on the landscape elements, streetscape design, account for existing structures, any necessary utilities, and modifications for stormwater management.
  • Project Management  – Our engineers will oversee work during construction phases to ensure that work implements features outlined in initial designs. In addition, we can instruct contractors, make sure that building codes keep the property compliant, and that workers adhere to safety standards for the project.

Contact Our Local Land Development Engineers

Partner with Austin Engineering today to shape and change how the future looks for your community. Together, we can work on the projects that will impact the daily lives of people throughout southeastern Tennessee. So, contact us now to request a free estimate on our land development services in Hamilton County TN. In addition, you can call 423-379-2725 to request more information about us or our services. Plus, we come highly recommended on customer reviews from our commercial, private, and public clients.