Civil Engineers East Peoria IL

Civil Engineers East Peoria IL

Support Key Aspects of Construction with Civil Engineers in East Peoria IL

There’s plenty that goes into the construction of businesses or public works. From planning, to designing, to building, and everything in between, you need an experienced crew to guide you through the process. And no other team member is more necessary for your construction than civil engineers in East Peoria IL. Civil engineers act as your team’s solid foundation when looking to move forward with construction plans. And Austin Engineering can offer everything you need to ensure your construction process is a successful one.

Since 1937, Austin Engineering has been supplying professional civil engineering consulting and land surveying services throughout Illinois and other parts of the US. Our engineers and architects work on numerous construction projects and public works, keeping builders on budget and implementing the greenest and most energy-efficient designs. Some projects we’ve done are apartment complexes, subdivision developments, commercial property site development and more.

The Work of a Civil Engineer

Are you wondering what a civil engineer can contribute towards your construction effort? Right from the outset to the final stages of your project, a civil engineer can lend their advice and expertise every step of the way.

  • Management of Codes and Regulations
    • A primary task for any civil engineer is to ensure a project is up to speed with all codes and regulations. For example, is a piece of land zoned properly for the construction about to occur? Or are all safety measures being followed as construction progresses? Having a civil engineer at the beginning can help you avoid prolonged legal battles throughout the construction process.
  • Surveying of Property
    • Surveying the land you wish to build on is an essential part of any construction process, and a job your civil engineers can handle. A survey can both cover any legal issues with your property or solely focus on the geographical and topographical description of it. The legal side consists of acquiring deeds, establishing boundaries, etc. Conversely, surveys can also discover your land elevation, if it exists in a flood plain, where utilities can connect and more.
  • Protection of Environment
    • Many local laws and regulations require new construction to adhere to goals involving energy conservation and greener building solutions. And much of what civil engineers design works to meet such goals. For example, a specialization of ours is stormwater management. Through detention/retention facility design, flood studies and hydraulic and hydrologic analysis, we can help prevent polluted runoff.

Some of Our Services

To get an idea of the precise services civil engineers in East Peoria IL can offer, you can see what Austin Engineering does. For example, some of our services include:

  • Engineering
    • Land Development
    • New Highway Systems
    • Commercial Site Plans
    • Water System Design
  • Land Surveying
    • Property Boundary Surveys
    • ALTA Surveys
    • Subdivision Surveys
    • Topographic Surveys
  • Landscape Architecture
    • Rain Gardens
    • Native Landscape Development
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Storm Water Management
Civil Engineers in East Peoria IL making notes on a blueprint for construction

Call Our Office

Are you ready to get your construction project started? If so, you’ll need the help of civil engineers for East Peoria IL. Call the experts at Austin Engineering today. You can contact us at 309-691-0224 to request a quote. Also, our main office is located at 311 SW Water St, Ste 215, Peoria, IL 61602.