Project Spotlights

Chipotle in Davenport IA

Chipotle in Davenport IA

Project Details:

  • Development of a unique parcel of land for a new Chipotle Restaurant located in Davenport, IA.
  • Challenging design process due to city restrictions and lot limitations.
  • Example of site planning work Austin Engineering can provide for nationally franchised businesses.

Austin Engineering’s Roles:

Project Overview:

Austin Engineering Co. never backs down from a challenging project! So, when we heard a new Chipotle restaurant in Davenport IA was having trouble securing a civil engineering firm for site planning and stormwater management, we were surprised and intrigued. After understanding the extent of the project and the parcel of land we had to work with, the difficulty of work ahead of us came to light. Thankfully, the civil engineers at Austin Engineering are always up for a challenge.

The site in question, where Chipotle wanted to build their new location, was a “Frankensteined” lot, cobbled together from a prior automotive company on one side and a commercial business on the other. To add to further complications, the lot was smaller and previously used as a mini-golf course, with sanitary sewers, water lines, easements, and additional site features that had to be removed.

As many of these projects go, the most complicated aspects required resolution before construction could begin. We first contacted the proper departments for the City of Davenport to establish a new easement on the side of the lot so we could reroute sanitary lines cutting through the middle of the lot. Finding somewhere to relocate these utilities and easements proved difficult due to the small size of the parcel of land and the lack of available slope. However, after exploration of the sanitary lateral, Austin Engineering was able to vacate the sanitary easement and ensure the main utility lines still connected to the lot and adjacent businesses.

After determining utility placement, stormwater management was the next problem Austin Engineering contended with. Although the property had existing stormwater detention and permeable pavement from its prior usage as a mini-golf course, Davenport required us to expand the detention further. This was problematic to implement due to the width of the lot not allowing much space to add further detention. Austin Engineering’s solution: design underground stormwater detention that expanded the length of the property.

Once the issues of utility placement and stormwater management were resolved, the remainder of Austin Engineering’s work for the Chipotle site was “business as usual.” Austin Engineering assisted in designing and landscaping the restaurant’s drive-thru, access roads, parking, courtyard, dumpster enclosure, etc. The work Austin Engineering performed was detailed and precise, adhering to city requirements and Chipotle quality standards.

Project Highlights:

  • Complete redevelopment of a parcel of land previously designed as a mini-golf course.
  • This is a prime example of the work Austin Engineering must always engage in to negotiate with property owners and city managers to resolve easements and utility placement concerns.
  • Successful relocation of utilities from the center of the lot to the side.
  • Fitting a bypass lane, drive-thru lane, one-way circular traffic, parking, and courtyard in a lot only 110 ft. wide.
  • Unique stormwater detention design that’s longer than typical basins we design and implement.
  • Underground detention chambers located a foot and a half below the surface, allowing water to trickle down and filter through a layer of sand slowly.
  • Specialized access and detention were created for the dumpster enclosure to ensure enough room for arriving garbage trucks.
  • Planting of trees and shrubbery between the sidewalk and patio area along the frontage road.
  • The project is part of Austin Engineering’s extensive portfolio of site planning for locally and nationally franchised businesses (Portillo’s, Mission BBQ, Raising Cane’s, etc.).