Landscape Engineer Chattanooga TN

Landscape Engineer Chattanooga TN

Top Rated Landscape Engineer in Chattanooga TN

Austin Engineering services consistently earn high review scores from residential and commercial clients seeking a landscape engineer in Chattanooga TN. For nearly eight decades, our firm has played a pivotal role in land planning and development. Our landscape architects understand the local terrain, plants, and ecological conditions throughout Hamilton County. We can create and implement planning for your entire property, including plants, walkways, and outdoor living spaces. Our landscape engineering projects include:

  • Rain Gardens
  • Outdoor Healing Gardens
  • Private Estate Gardens
  • Plans for senior living facilities
  • Urban design and streetscapes
  • Planting Design for Storm Water Management
  • Green Roofs
  • Economical and Sustainable Site Planning
  • Land Development for Civic, Commercial, and Academic Properties
  • Planning for Parks, Sports Venues, and Outdoor Recreational Areas
  • Native Landscape Restoration and Development

Austin Engineering landscape engineers can revitalize and reimagine existing property layouts. In addition, our landscape architects also draft plans for properties with new construction. If you would like a proposal for your project, send us a request today.

What Do Landscape Engineers Do?

Those who need help developing a comprehensive plan for their property can get the services they need from a landscape engineer in Chattanooga TN. Landscape engineers draft property plans that incorporate plants, outdoor living structures, and pathways into a cohesive system. Our firm has designed everything from subdivisions to senior care facilities to apartment complexes and recreational areas. Our team can help with the following:

  • Drainage and land grading
  • Retaining wall design
  • Storm water management
  • Landscape features to protect your property from water damage
  • Drafting a plan that increases the energy efficiency of your property
  • Planning and building of new landscape features and structures
  • Recommendations for the proper building materials for landscape feature elements
Landscape Engineer Chattanooga TN

Why Choose Austin Engineering Landscape Engineers?

When you want to create a space that connects people with the outdoors, use our landscape engineer in Chattanooga TN. We understand every residential or commercial property owner has a unique site with specific goals in mind. Our engineering team listens and works closely with you to provide a collaborative land planning process. We specialize in projects that include the following:

  • Planning for Places to Play – We create recreational spaces for people of every age and interest. Whether you want a space to golf, run, score big, or walk, we can create a property plan to suit those needs.
  • Educational Property Planning – Our landscape engineers can create an impact on your educational property by attracting more students to a beautiful campus that engages and interests them.
  • Planning for Places to Work – Attract more foot traffic for your retail location, more visitors to your hotel, or create better traffic flow at your commercial property with help from our land planning and development experts.
  • Planning for Places to Relax – Our landscape engineers can help transform your backyard into your own private retreat from the stresses of work, finances, or the world.

Contact Our Local Landscape Engineers

Make your outdoor space great with planning and development services from our landscape engineer in Chattanooga TN. Call Austin Engineering now at 423-379-2725 to request a proposal for your project. For your convenience, you also can submit an online request. We are located at 2115 Stein Drive, Suite 207, Chattanooga TN.