Land Development Nashville TN

Land Development Nashville TN

Trust Local Experts for Land Development in Nashville TN

Your commercial or residential construction project isn’t going anywhere fast without the support of an expert civil engineering firm. No matter your construction, whether in the heart of Nashville or the rural parts of Tennessee, land development services are a crucial step in any building project. And to ensure you have the support of expert, local land development for Nashville TN, call the civil engineers at Austin Engineering today!

The Most Crucial Elements of Land Development

Land development is a necessary part of any construction project. As such, land development entails multiple services covering everything from a site’s feasibility to landscaping design. If seeking land development services from the Austin Engineering team, you can expect:

  • Property Surveys – Having accurate measurements for a piece of property proves incredibly beneficial when drawing up initial landscape plans and designs. However, gathering these measurements is only possible with an experienced land survey team, such that Austin Engineering can provide for our clients.
  • Feasibility Studies – Is a piece of land properly zoned for the structure you wish to build? What sort of plant life and wildlife would your construction be encroaching on? Does your land have access to all applicable utilities? These are the sorts of questions we ask as part of feasibility studies we help conduct. In doing so, we provide a clear picture for investors of what’s required to develop a property.
  • Project Designs – Once we have an idea of your project’s budget and feasibility, Austin Engineering puts together an initial design plan for your project. Your initial design will focus on features like streetscape, landscaping, stormwater management, utility hookups, and more. While this initial design is bound to be changed or updated, it provides the basis for your construction’s beginning.
  • Project Management – After your project has progressed to development and construction, Austin Engineering’s land development duties don’t stop! Through project management, we help direct the contractor teams in charge of developing your land. Austin Engineering ensures contractors follow all building codes and adhere to the highest safety standards.
A residential subdivision during Land Development in Nashville TN

What We’ve Done!

Austin Engineering is one of the area’s oldest civil engineering firms, having supplied our services to clients throughout Tennessee and parts of the U.S. since 1947! To this end, we’ve contributed our land development in Nashville TN to a variety of commercial and residential projects, such as:

  • Residential/Commercial Subdivisions
  • Shopping Centers
  • Hotels
  • Sports Fields
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Golf Entertainment Facilities
  • Retail Drive-Thru Restaurants
  • Car Washes
  • And More

Talk with Our Team

As essential as land development in Nashville TN is for a successful construction project, ensure you have the support of the best! Trust the experienced civil engineers at Austin Engineering. To learn more about our company or request a quote, call 309-691-0224. We are located at 2115 Stein Dr, Ste 201, Chattanooga, TN 37421.