Land Development Firm Nashville TN

Land Development Firm Nashville TN

Find a Reliable Land Development Firm in Nashville TN for Your Next Project

While constructing a structure can already be complicated, land development alone is enough to make any property owner’s head spin! And as essential as land development and site planning are for the success of a project, you want the support of a reliable, expert and local land development firm for Nashville TN. Austin Engineering has quickly become the go-to civil engineers for Tennessee residents, as we continue offering exceptional land development services for commercial and residential projects.

What Does Our Engineering Work Entail?

You can expect Austin Engineering to manage many tasks when supplying our land development services! Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve an environmentally friendly, cost-effective landscape design within your project’s timeframe and budget. To this end, our engineers:

  • Put Together Property Assessments – Items like feasibility studies are essential when determining the viability of a piece of land. To develop a detailed report, we assess your property’s topography, elevation, natural features, and additional environmental aspects.
  • Survey Property for Measurements – To help us create as accurate a site plan as possible, our survey teams take precise measurements of every inch of your land. Property surveys provide a wealth of information essential to research, planning and land development.
  • Acquire Proper Permitting and Zoning – Our engineers understand what legal hurdles must be overcome before breaking ground for construction. We help property owners approve site plans, request building permits, and rezone land.
  • Create Site Plans – In developing a project site plan, we incorporate features like utility access, landscape design, streetscape, stormwater management, etc. Everything is detailed in expertly created site plans, which are used as the basis for permit approval, project direction, and budget assessment.
  • Oversee Construction – You have the support of Austin Engineering from beginning to end of construction. Through project management, we assist in directing contractors, enforcing safety guidelines, following building regulations, and helping a project stay within a perspective timeframe and budget.
A Land Development Firm for Nashville TN studying a piece of land in preparation for site planning

Examples of Our Work

There’s no limit to the experience and dedication of Austin Engineering’s civil engineering team! As a trusted land development firm for Nashville TN, we have worked on various local and national projects, with land development focused on environmental preservation, energy conservation, and creativity. As such, we’ve assisted with projects involving:

  • Residential/Commercial Subdivisions
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Shopping Centers
  • Sports Fields Designs
  • Hotel/Motel Site Designs
  • Stormwater Management
  • New Highway System Designs
  • Golf Entertainment Facilities
  • And More

Call Today

Rest assured, you can count on Austin Engineering’s expert civil engineers when you need a land development firm in Nashville TN. To learn more about our services or request a quote, contact Austin Engineering today at 309-691-0224. We are located at 2115 Stein Dr, Ste 201, Chattanooga, TN 37421.