Drone Surveys Rock Island IL

A drone collecting data on the elevation of land during Drone Surveys in Rock Island IL

Get an Accurate Assessment of Your Property with Drone Surveys in Rock Island IL

As drones become used in a wide variety of applications, one area where drones excel is as a tool for professional survey crews. Thanks to drones, surveyors throughout the Quad Cities can compile the most precise, accurate, and detailed reports for their clients. And through the survey services provided by Austin Engineering, you know true professionals are handling your drone surveys in Rock Island IL. To learn more about our survey services, contact Austin Engineering today.

Why Rely on Drones?

Drones give survey crews an entirely new range of capabilities! Taking aerial pictures of property proves helpful in gathering data and tracking changes for a piece of land. And when piloted by Austin Engineering’s expert surveyors, we maximize the usefulness of drones for survey purposes. Some of the advantages of drone surveys include:

  • Reduced Time to Complete – Drones are quick and can reach incredible heights, able to scan the entirety of a parcel of land in a relatively short period. Thanks to drones, surveyors can have detailed, high-quality photos and videos in their hands within hours, enabling them to get started right away analyzing the data collected.
  • More Cost-Effective – If you require overhead surveys for your property, there are few affordable methods of getting accurate data. While small aircraft and helicopters can provide such services, utilizing these survey methods will cost significantly more. Conversely, a drone is small and easy to control, enabling surveyors to get the same quality aerial photos without relying on more expensive survey techniques.
  • Increased Safety and Access – Some pieces of land are more challenging to navigate and survey than others. As such, having survey crews walk these properties might not be possible or might present dangerous conditions for those on the ground. However, with a drone, survey crews don’t need to step onto a property to survey it and can more easily access every corner of its boundaries.
  • Greater Accuracy – We don’t just use drones you can buy at any retail store. Our drones contain sophisticated technology and sensors that enable high-quality data collection. With photos and videos drones collect, we create highly detailed 3D models and maps and ensure measurements are 100% accurate.

What Types of Surveys Utilize Drones?

A civil engineer controlling a drone over a construction site, conducting Drone Surveys in Rock Island IL

In truth, drone surveys for Rock Island IL cover a wide variety of different surveys and mapping. Austin Engineering provides survey services that help contractors assess their land’s boundaries, natural and physical features, variations in elevation, and crucial factors that impact construction and site planning. A sample of some of the surveys Austin Engineering can offer includes:

Leave the Surveying to the Professionals

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to establish your property’s boundaries or a contractor beginning site planning for your next construction project, count on Austin Engineering for expert drone surveys in Rock Island IL and throughout the Quad Cities. You can learn more about our surveying or additional land development and landscape architecture services by calling 563-649-4351. Our Davenport office is located at 220 Emerson Place, Ste 101-A, Davenport, IA 52801.