Project Spotlights

East Bluff Development

East Bluff Development
East Bluff Development

Project Details:

  • Scattered Site, Single Family Housing
  • 30 New Homes across 25 Vacant Lots
  • Affordable Housing
  • Neighborhood Revitalization

Austin Engineering’s Role

  • Site Planning and Land Development Services
  • ADDITIONAL ROLES – Site Planning, Site Feasibility Analysis, Stormwater Management, Land Grading, etc.

Project Overview:

Austin Engineering’s team recently wrapped up final inspections for home sites as part of the East Bluff Development Project in Peoria, IL. The East Bluff Project was done in partnership between PCCEO, Greater Peoria LISC and the Peoria Opportunities Foundation in an effort to create new, more affordable housing in the Peoria Area. The project involved the creation of 30 new homes across 25 vacant lots, all within one mile of each other. The housing included a mix of two and three-bedroom single-family and duplex units, each with an architectural style that matches the beautiful façade of the historic neighborhood.

Austin Engineering contributed to the site planning of the project for each property. Working with the lead architect for the homes, we would develop site designs for each lot. No two lots were the same, many requiring special grading or ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance regarding parking and street access.

Project Highlights:

  • The East Bluff Development Project began planning in 2017 and broke ground in 2020 amid the COVID pandemic.
  • Although construction material costs doubled over the course of the project, the difference was made up with help from COVID Relief and the Illinois Housing Development Authority.
  • Landscaping and design features were chosen to match the historic houses of the East Bluff while providing new residents with a modern interior.
  • The City of Peoria Community Development and Economic Planning departments worked with East Bluff residents to bring various revitalization plans and initiatives to fruition, improving the quality of life for the neighborhood.
  • ADDITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS – Examples: This was Austin Engineering’s (#) project. Landscaping implemented green design features such as [info]. Austin Engineering helped secure permits and zoning variations for [info].