ALTA Surveys Rock Island IL

ALTA Surveys Rock Island IL

Evaluate Your Property Through ALTA Surveys in Rock Island IL

As you prepare your property to begin construction, there’s the crucial step of ensuring your land is insured. And often, insurers won’t agree to cover your property without certain guarantees and evaluations. Thankfully, with ALTA surveys in Rock Island IL, you can meet all the requirements set by insurers. Talk with Austin Engineering today to plan an ALTA survey for your property.

What Are ALTA Surveys?

While there are dozens of types of surveys you can conduct for your land, an ALTA survey is considered the industry standard by most. Also known as the American Land Title Association survey, this survey is helpful during the “due diligence process” and for meeting lender and insurer requirements. As such, an ALTA survey combines the components of several surveys into one, covering such aspects as:

  • Zoning Classifications
  • Boundary Lines
  • Easements and Encumbrances
  • Property Features
  • Roads
  • Land Improvements
  • Legal Access to Property

Why Should You Rely on an ALTA Survey?

With the number of surveys you can perform for your property, why should you rely on ALTA surveys in Rock Island IL? Truthfully, the reasons for using ALTA surveys are the same for civil engineers and contractors throughout the United States. Here are some reasons why you’ll find ALTA surveys are some of the most commonly used:

Surveyors performing work for ALTA Surveys in Rock Island IL
  • Covers Numerous Areas – As mentioned previously, ALTA surveys address zoning issues, boundary lines, property features and more. Such an extensive land evaluation leads this survey type to be preferred by contractors who must meet the requirements set by title insurers.
  • The Standard – This specific survey was developed and approved by the American Land Title Association. As such, this organization has trust and recognition among contractors throughout the US. Thus, it’s considered the base standard for the survey industry.
  • Widely Accepted – Being the industry standard also means this survey type is widely accepted by third parties working with contractors. Lenders, attorneys, surveyors, title professionals and insurers are all familiar with the standards set by ALTA surveys.
  • Addresses Your Property Concerns – An ALTA survey isn’t only beneficial for lenders and insurers, but the contractors and landowners themselves. ALTA surveys give contractors and civil engineers all they need to engage in initial site planning and land development.

Request an ALTA Survey from Local Experts

When preparing for your next construction project, ensure you cover all the finer details via ALTA surveys in Rock Island IL. To schedule your survey, contact the survey experts at Austin Engineering! Call us at 309-691-0224 to receive a quote. Or, you can contact us online via our online form.