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A Thoughtful Approach to Streetscape Design

It might not be something you commonly think about, but you and your neighborhood’s streetscape design interact often. The moment you pull out of your driveway or take your dog for a walk, you are taking advantage of your local streetscape.

The Human Touch of New Urbanism

A movement of smarter city design was born in the 1980s: new urbanism. This movement harkens back to a time were automobiles didn’t rule our lives. New urbanism is the latest trend cities and towns are adopting, so to revitalize large and defunct areas.

Solving Stormwater Pollution with Permeable Pavement

As is apparent in the state of Illinois and throughout the United States, stormwater management is an issue of late. However, there exists a better method to handle stormwater, preventing it from becoming polluted and letting it integrate back into a more natural cycle: permeable pavement.

One Survey to Rule Them All: Why Pick the ALTA Survey?

Acquiring commercial property can be a tricky business. Moreover, properly insuring any acquired land is another story. Often, insurers will set up stipulations, or exceptions, to whether they’re willing to insure a piece of property or not.